When you visit a new city, a guided sightseeing tour is a great way to see all the best places, and learn what it’s like to live there. But before your tour begins, you need to find your guide, and that can be tricky. Foreign street addresses can be difficult to understand, landmarks are hard to recognise, and busy, bustling streets can make finding your meeting point stressful and frustrating.

Led by Locals is a South African tourism business providing sightseeing tours of Cape Town and its surrounding area. The tours are led by local people, each with their own specialism such as history, cooking or art. Led by Locals has found an innovative way to make sure its customers always find their guide quickly and easily: 3 word addresses.

Led by locals now displays a 3 word address on its website for every tour it offers. For the African arts and crafts tour, for example, customers can find Kanda, the local guide, by downloading the free what3words app and entering ///extras.flirts.shunned. These 3 words point people to the exact 3m x 3m square where Kanda will be waiting, making him easy to find in the busy market area.

You can check out Led by Locals’ Cape Town tours on its website