Leisure time is precious, and we can’t get enough of it. We work hard to be able to treat ourselves and our families to some unforgettable experiences, because we want to spend that time off in the best way possible. When something goes wrong during a break we’ve been looking forward to, it can really tarnish the experience.

The Concierge portfolio, including myconcierge.com, provides editorial insights on the best things to enjoy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They pride themselves in helping their guests have the best experience; whether it is while booking, paying or finding the correct location in poorly addressed areas. myconcierge.com has added 3 word addresses to all of its listings to make everything as hassle-free as possible.

‘NPI Media has welcomed the addition of 3 word addresses to their concierge service, helping domestic and international travellers find their way easily throughout the Emirates.’ said Rob Nicholas, CEO of myconcierge.

Guests can now easily make their way to a restaurant, beach, bar, or helipad without getting confused, frustrated or lost because of poor addresses. With myconcierge.com, they don’t waste a single second of their precious time off.