The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) and Saudi Tourism are working closely with what3words to give travellers an easy way to find and communicate the locations they want to visit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The partnership will initially focus on SeeSaudi.sa, the Kingdom’s digital tourism image bank. All images in the library will be tagged with a 3 word address, making it simple for people to find and visit the exact location where a photo was taken.

In parallel, Saudi Tourism will work to get 3 word addresses added to restaurant, hotel and attraction guides across the region. Travellers will be able to use the app both online and offline to accurately discover, share and navigate to any precise 3 word address. This will make it easy to order a taxi to a specific mall entrance, find historic districts and book a nomadic retreat in the Arabian Desert.

Fu’ad Al Shabrami, General Manager of Marketing Communication at the SCTH said: “This cooperation is part of a series of enhancements through which SCTH seeks to benefit from the latest technologies and innovations that will empower tourists with digital tools enriching their journey and cultural experience and facilitating their access to tourist sites. what3words will make it much easier for people to reach their tourist destinations with three simple words.”

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