When it comes to adventure, The Adventurists mean business. You won’t be getting ‘lost’ in the streets of Paris with them. More like life-changing, gut-wrenching, am-I-going-to-make-out-of-here-alive adventures. From the Icarus Trophy to the Rickshaw run, The Adventurists’ adventures cover land, ocean, and skies. Participants raise money for charity and take up the challenge to make it to the finish line in the most unhelpful contraptions: rickshaws, tiny cars, 48cc motorbikes, and homemade boats.

Getting lost and old-fashioned exploring are part of the adventure, but being able to communicate location is still important. Sponsors, charities, friends, family and social media followers want to know how teams are getting on, and ‘North of Islamabad but not in Kyrgyzstan yet’ doesn’t quite cut it.

To help teams track their progress, The Adventurists have integrated what3words into the online tracking maps participants use for each race. Teams can now check their precise location on the free what3words app, and share the 3 word address by text or email to automatically update the map and their team profile.

As what3words covers every 3m x 3m on earth, the teams always have a precise address, even when they are hundreds of miles from the nearest named road or building. what3words also works offline, without a data connection, making it perfect for the remote areas the adventures take place in.