Planning a trip can be a complex, time-consuming and frustrating activity. You’re limited in the information you can find online, and searching through endless forums and recommendations sites for up-to-date information is tedious.

Timescenery offer a better way for people to plan and book their travels, making planning an adventure simple, social and fun. Their platform allows travellers to create trip itineraries including recommendations for hotels, restaurants, travel arrangements, such as flights or car rentals, and places to visit, along with a written commentary of their experience.

3 word addresses are now listed for over seven million geopoints, including hotels, car rental offices, restaurants, sights and many other places worldwide. Whether these are hidden city cafes, jungle waterfalls or rental car pick up locations, 3 simple words will direct travellers to the precise location, even when offline, without a data connection. 3 word addresses offer a simpler and more user-friendly solution than GPS coordinates. They can currently be used on the site in both English and Russian. The multi-language capability means that travellers can find places using an address in their own language, rather than struggling with unfamiliar spelling and address formats.

‘Our mission is to let travelers exchange their experiences in an easy-to-repeat form’, said Nikita Dedik from Timescenery. ‘When it comes to navigating on the trip, not only GPS coordinates are hard to use, but the addressing systems of different countries create barriers if you don’t speak local languages. what3words fixes that in an extremely simple and elegant way! So now there’s a 3 word address for any geopoint in our database, even if it doesn’t have a ‘traditional’ address, to let you travel and share your discoveries much easier!’