Travelling is a great way to escape the everyday and experience something completely new. But going somewhere different brings a whole new set of challenges. Communicating in an unfamiliar language, for example, or making purchases with a new currency. But the biggest problems people experience whilst travelling are getting lost, and not being able to find places they wish to visit.

Most guidebooks list hotels, restaurants and points of interest using traditional street addresses. But in many parts of the world, these are confusing or not recognised by navigation apps. In others, particularly remote and rural locations, street addresses don’t exist at all. This is very frustrating for travellers who want to venture beyond typical tourist destinations and get closer to nature.

The Wayward Post is a digital travel magazine that specialises in socially and environmentally conscious travel. Their readers get the most from their travels by using what3words to find the places they wish to visit. 3 word addresses are displayed alongside each place mentioned in Wayward Post’s online travel guides. These can be functional locations such as train stations and hotels, or hidden gems such as remote waterfalls and hiking trails.

Using their smartphone, travellers can use 3 word addresses to navigate to the exact location they need, accurate to 3m x 3m. The system even works offline, without a data connection, which is perfect for Wayward Post’s adventurous readers who travel to remote and secluded places. So they can spend more time discovering the world’s hidden gems, and less time wandering around lost.