Tourists have a tough time finding their way in developing countries, where addressing can be poor and inconsistent. They don’t speak the language, and aren’t familiar with the landmarks locals use for reference.

Woovoo is a digital magazine that features, amongst other things, digital travel guides to destinations around the world. To make it easy to explore Mongolia, it has integrated what3words into its Mongolian magazine. The landmarks, hotels, restaurants and ‘must-see’ places it recommends are now all listed along with their 3 word address in English, Spanish, Mongolian and Russian.

“In our history, official addressing of locations was never an issue, possibly due to our nomadic lifestyle. However, Mongolia’s rapid development has revealed flaws in using addresses in this manner. what3words’ 3m x 3m grid system, each defined by a unique 3 word address, makes finding any location easier and faster.” Said Ganjavkhlan Chadraabal, CEO of Woovoo.

Tourists can look up a 3 word address on the what3words website or app in the language of their choice, and navigate to that address with their favourite navigation app. They see more of Mongolia, and spend less time asking for help and getting lost.