3 words on your wrist with what3words and BLOCKS

BLOCKS is redefining the role of the smartwatch. Their modular device lets wearers choose the features and designs that best suit their needs. Different modules can be connected to the watch, providing additional functionality such as a heart rate monitor, environmental sensor and programmable button.

A popular addition to the BLOCKS core watch is the GPS module. It provides users with their current location and can help them find their way to a destination, whether walking, exercising or on the move.

Whilst GPS is an accurate location identifier, it’s not very practical. Most people struggle to decipher the coordinates and there’s a high chance of error when sharing a location. Even the smallest mistake – from reading a number incorrectly to flipping two numbers in the sequence – would place the BLOCKS wearer a long way from their actual position.

That’s why BLOCKS has teamed up with what3words, to provide the same degree of location accuracy but in a more memorable, shareable and useable format. what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, assigning each one with a unique 3 word address.

BLOCKS wearers can now display their precise 3 word address location on the watch and share that information with near 100% accuracy. Any 3 word address can also be quickly verified via the what3words app, with autosuggest and offline functionality built in.

Thanks to what3words, wearers can easily find and share their accurate 3 word address location in the case of an emergency, or to meet up with friends. They can even use it to call a taxi or place a takeaway food order, confident that it’ll arrive at the precise 3m x 3m spot they’re standing in.

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BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch, fitted with movement sensors (gyroscope, pedometer, accelerometer), bluetooth connectivity, WiFi and an e-compass.

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