3 words to improve logistics in Kenya with City Rydes

Everyone has to run errands, but few people actually like doing them. They take a lot of time, can be frustrating to coordinate and are generally a hassle people can do without.

City Rydes is here to help. They are a Kenyan logistics company who provide a concierge service and run everyday errands for both personal and corporate clients. They have drivers on-hand to do anything from shopping and home delivery to airport pickups, taking cars to the carwash, queuing to buy tickets or settling bills.

However one of the problems they face in Kenya is poor addressing – getting people and things from A to B means actually knowing where both those points are. With confusing and inefficient addressing, City Rydes were spending huge amounts of time on the phone to their clients trying to find drop off and pick up points. This was frustrating for clients and inefficient for City Rydes.

A few weeks ago, one of their clients, Dr. Sam, suggested they download the what3words app and gave them his three word address to receive a delivery. Dr. Sam got his package exactly when and where he wanted it and the driver saved time.  Now, all City Rydes drivers use the what3words app to help locate and reach clients.

what3words is a location reference system based on a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares; each square has been pre-assigned a unique 3 word address. It means communicating addresses is simple and error-free.


City Rydes are also integrating what3words on their site so all clients will soon be able to book a delivery with a 3 word address in English or Swahili, while their drivers will have tablet applications that mean they can navigate there smoothly.

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