Helping tourists find their way with what3words and HotelPORT

Tourists rely on online reviews and information when deciding where to stay and eat abroad. To make sure they access the right information, HotelPORT uses its signature PropertyVIEW Content Verification Services to audit and update the world’s leading hotels and restaurants’ details across the web.

They have added 3 word addresses to their arsenal to help guests easily and accurately find any location even if they don’t speak the local language.

“We’ve partnered with what3words to improve searchability for our clients. With their 3 word addresses, we can now help our hotels and restaurants direct guests to their physical front door with a level of accuracy that today’s mapping tools cannot provide on their own,” said Fred Bean, President & CEO of REBEL Travel Corporation. “With what3words’ revolutionary approach to addresses and navigation, we are no longer limited to what a mapping provider dictates as the point of entry for a location”.

No one wants to spend their holiday wandering around, lost. The partnership between HotelPORT and what3words greatly reduces frustration for tourists. They have a better holiday, and are more likely to leave good reviews and come back.

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