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Online shopping is now an essential part of everyday life for many people, but receiving our purchases can still be problematic and frustrating. Most of us prefer to receive deliveries at home, yet we’re often not around during the day to receive them. We also want hassle-free ways to make returns and exchanges. Given these high consumer expectations, companies who provide innovative delivery solutions will always come out on top.

One such company is This Australian online delivery service connects customers and retailers to Movers – independent drivers or small commercial couriers – making it easy for them to deliver to small and medium-sized businesses.

MeeMeep have now integrated what3words, allowing their customers to specify precise pick-up and delivery locations using 3 word addresses. These are accurate to 3m x 3m, so are far more precise than street addresses, which can often be confusing and hard to find. Street addresses also tend to direct a driver to an entire building, whilst a 3 word address can tell them exactly which entrance they should go to.

Drivers can find the correct locations faster, without wasting time getting lost, or making frustrating phone calls to the customer for directions. Faster deliveries are more cost-effective and increase customer satisfaction, making it more likely that customers will use MeeMeep multiple times, and will recommend it to friends. More accurate deliveries also allow MeeMeep to offer increased flexibility of delivery times, and more specific delivery windows.

3 word addresses also allow MeeMeep’s customers to specify a location which isn’t a building at all. Perhaps they need to be met in a park, or on a street corner to receive a package, or they might be getting tools delivered to a building site, for example. With what3words, MeeMeep’s movers can deliver to any location their customer requests.

You can find out more about MeeMeep on their website.

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MeeMeep is the simpler, smarter, seamless delivery service putting the logic back into logistics. The MeeMeep Sender App helps users easily arrange deliveries, track items that are on their way to you and get instant updates straight to your smartphone tablet or PC.

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