Fast breakdown rescue with what3words and Mongolian Automobile Roadside Service

When a car breaks down on a street with no name, which is pretty common in Mongolia, descriptive directions can only get a recovery team so far, and there aren’t always landmarks around to provide reference points. Having no way to communicate your location is frustrating, especially if it leads to being stranded on the side of an unfamiliar road for hours.

The Mongolian Automobile Roadside Service is a roadside breakdown service. It encourages its customers to find the 3 word address for their breakdown location on the what3words app and share it over the phone when they call for help. The operator then communicates that 3 word address to the recovery team, who can navigate straight to the 3m x 3m square of that 3 word address instead of wasting time canvassing a larger area.

3 word addresses save the Mongolian Automobile Roadside Service time and money that would otherwise be spent going in circles looking for a broken down car, sometimes for hours. With 3 word addresses, they get to breakdown location faster, and can help more people in less time.

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