More efficient pharmaceutical deliveries in Mongolia with what3words and Monos

Monos – Ulaanbaatar’s largest pharmacy chain – delivers to people through, their online and phone delivery service. But delivery in Mongolia is tricky: streets often don’t have names and buildings aren’t numbered. Monos delivery drivers spend a considerable amount of time going around the city looking for peoples’ homes, and generally resort to calling customers for descriptive directions. This is inefficient and costly to the company.

Monos has integrated what3words into its system in a bid to reduce delivery times, increase their efficiency, and manage their fleet better. People can now get medicine, beauty products, and healthy food delivered straight to their front door with a 3 word address. All they need to do is find their 3 word address using the free what3words app and share it when finalising their order. The driver can then navigate to the precise 3m x 3m square using

Monos tested 3 word addresses against street addresses, and found that deliveries made with 3 word addresses were 11.2% faster. Over 18 deliveries, the driver with 3 word addresses didn’t have to make any phone calls asking for directions, while the driver who used street addresses had to call 16 customers.

Now Monos’ customers can enjoy the convenience of home deliveries without the hassle that previously came with it. It means that people who can’t make it to the shop, due to work, mobility issues, distance, or time can still have access to the health products they need and can be confident the delivery reach them on time.

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