Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest economies, adopts 3 word addresses for postal deliveries

Nigeria has become the seventh country to adopt what3words for mail deliveries, and the third in Africa. The system is already being used in Mongolia, Sint Maarten, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Tonga and Solomon Islands.

Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest economies and its most populous country with approximately 184 million inhabitants. It has the seventh largest population in the world, but its poor addressing system means that only 20% of people can receive mail to the door of their home or business.

Determined to improve this situation, NIPOST is working to modernise and streamline its operations, and has set itself the ambitious target of increasing home delivery to 70% within the next 2 years and 90% by 2020 through the Mail for Every House Initiative (MEHI). The adoption of 3 word addresses for deliveries across the country will help to achieve this goal.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with what3words as an addressing solution with huge potential to unlock opportunities” said Barrister Bisi Adegbuyi, Nigeria’s Postmaster General. “Better addressing is key to NIPOST’s agenda, which aims to transform, innovate, and deliver more services to more people all over the country”.

Barrister Bisi Adegbuyi, Nigeria’s Postmaster General with what3words CEO Chris Sheldrick

E-commerce potential

Young people make up 62% of Nigeria’s population, and this is reflected in the significant increase in cross-border e-commerce in the country; 53,612 parcels and packets were handled in 2016 (around 200 per day) which has increased by 70% since 2014. The e-commerce market is currently worth $12 billion, but there is still huge potential for growth.

“With a rapidly growing e-commerce ecosystem, Nigeria is a very exciting country to be working with,” said Chris Sheldrick, CEO and Co-founder of what3words. “Postal services have a critical role in building a strong economy and NIPOST are firmly focused on the future, and are taking steps to modernise and grow their capacity and range of services.”

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