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Everyone loves online shopping. We enjoy the convenience, the choice of products and the often favourable prices compared to the high street. But getting purchases delivered isn’t always as straightforward as it could be.

If people work long hours, there’s often nobody home, and deliveries are missed. These then either have to be rescheduled, or collected from a delivery centre. Addressing is also an issue – over 4,000 address errors are noted by delivery staff in the UK every day, and a staggering 3 million UK properties are not on the Royal Mail’s postal address file at all.

A convenient and user-friendly solution, Parcelly, is a mobile app-based click & collect service with a wide network of collection points across the UK. Customers can shop with any online retailer, and get their purchases delivered to a convenient location to collect at a time that’s right for them.

Parcelly have integrated what3words, allowing customers and delivery drivers alike to locate collection points quickly and easily using 3 word addresses. These are accurate to 3m x 3m, making them easier to find than traditional street addresses, and an autosuggest feature prevents users from making mistakes.

“We are truly excited about this new partnership with what3words” said Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder of Parcelly. “The combination of on-demand click & collect locations powered by Parcelly, bundled with a unique addressing system truly provides an exceptional opportunity not only in specific areas in the UK, but particularly in other parts of the world”.

Couriers can now find their delivery points first time, every time, meaning less time wasted searching for the correct location. This allows courier companies to optimise their routes, complete more deliveries first time, and reduce expensive last-mile delivery issues.

For customers, communicating their Parcelly location using a 3 word address makes the checkout process faster and more convenient. They know they will find the collection point immediately, even in an unfamiliar area, giving them peace of mind. It also helps them plan their time more effectively, without having to factor in extra time in case the location is hard to find.

You can find out more about Parcelly on their website.

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