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For tourists and travellers, local knowledge can turn a good trip into an amazing journey of discovery. Whether a holidaymaker, a travel host or a tourism business, Pearlshare lets individuals create bespoke travel guides. Users can save the location of “Pearls” in the area and then share their guide with guests or friends.

The true benefit of such a service is in how accurately a Pearl can identify a specific attraction or hidden gem. A pin dropped on the map through a traditional address search will typically identify the centre of a building or postcode, when what travellers really need to know is where to find the front entrance.

Many places also don’t have a reliable way to identify their location. Cities all around the world suffer from poor or inconsistent street addressing systems. This can be an issue in unfamiliar cities, where there’s a real chance of getting lost. To help improve this user experience, Pearlshare has teamed up with what3words.

Pearls can now be found via a 3 word address. More accurate than street addressing and easy to remember and use, 3 word addresses offer the perfect way to discover and share the best sights a city has to offer. what3words also functions offline, ensuring travellers can still find the 3 word address of Pearls without having to incur roaming charges.

And because what3words has pre-assigned 3 word addresses for every 3m x 3m square in the world, even previously unaddressed locations – such as a secluded city park or a particular spot along a beachfront – can now be easily identified and saved.

“Pearlshare is the platform to create and share customised maps of your recommendations for places — whether you are a business looking to promote a destination or brand, or a traveller planning a trip — to be used on the go, however you choose,” said James O’Day, COO and Co-Founder of Pearlshare. “Now with what3words integration, recommending those hard-to-find places is even easier.”

To learn more about the service, or to create your own travel guide, visit the Pearlshare website.

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Pearlshare is the best way to build and share local area travel guides. Save all your favourite places near home and for travelling – restaurants, bars, attractions and places to visit – and save them with personal comments and tips in easily sharable guides for you and your guests.

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