Fast and reliable food deliveries with what3words and Pizarea

Restaurants in Ghana struggle with food deliveries because addresses are so unreliable. Drivers often get lost on their way to a customer, the food gets cold, and hungry customers get impatient and angry. In some cases, people can’t order food in at all because they have no way of communicating where they live.

Pizarea is an online food order and delivery service in Ghana. It acts as a middleman between restaurants and customers, and the platform allows people to browse through local eateries and order meals online. To ensure that customers get their food hot, fresh and on time, Pizarea has integrated what3words into its search and checkout fields. Customers can search for restaurants in their area using their 3 word address, and can enter it at checkout so delivery drivers find the right front door easily.

“what3words is solving major challenges we had with our deliveries. It has made it simpler for our riders to locate our customers, has greatly improved our delivery turnaround time, and has given a solid addressing system to the platform.” – Henry Ameleke, COO of Pizarea.

Pizarea is saving time, money and fuel by delivering to 3 word addresses. Drivers are no longer going in circles searching for the right door, waiting times have been significantly reduced, and everyone within the delivery area can now order food to a reliable address that’s easy to communicate.

You can find out more about Pizarea on their website, and read more about what3words for logistics here.

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