Making holidays stress-free with what3words and Stoke Travel

Getting lost on your dream holiday is never fun, and can put a damper on the trip of a lifetime. Stoke Travel organise all kinds of off-the-wall trips to 14 destinations across Europe for young travellers: from the running of the bulls in Pamplona and surfing in Morocco, to skiing in Andorra and partying in Croatia. They know better than anyone the pain that comes with trying to organise a meeting point in a non-touristy part of town, or sending customers to a campsite off the beaten track.

To provide their customers with the best experience possible, they are using 3 word addresses to give the precise locations of campsites, beaches and festivals. People can easily find out exactly where they need to go and make their way there without having to call the organisers for directions.

We’ve all been young (and foolhardy), and have had things go a little wrong abroad, especially after a few drinks. Tents are harder to find in the dark, friends get separated on the slopes, and a dash to the toilet can turn into a 2-hour wander at a festival. Stoke Travel encourage their customers to use 3 word addresses throughout their trip: they can save them to easily find their friends’ tents as well as water points and toilets, or use them to communicate a location for a meeting spot.

Integrating what3words solidifies Stoke Travel’s ‘party travel for the open-minded’ proposition, and helps them make sure customers have a great time, stay safe, and make awesome memories.

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