TripGo the award-winning Transit Planner adds 3 word addresses

TripGo is the only true multi-modal transit app that combines both any public and any private transport mode into one trip. Whether you’re cycling, walking, taking the bus or the underground, or all of them, you can get from A to Z, and everywhere in between, simply and easily.

However, as street addressing doesn’t cover everywhere and is often inaccurate, A and Z aren’t necessarily where you think they are. When people attempt to navigate there, they often find they get close but have to phone, text, or walk up and down the street to find the right spot. This causes delays and frustration. To solve this, TripGo has integrated what3words to help people travel smarter.

what3words is a location reference system that has allocated every 3m x 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address. It means when in London you can meet friends for a picnic at ///hurt.sock.piano in Hyde Park – and TripGo can plan the fastest route there. No more phoning friends because you can’t quite find their house, the entrance to the bar or that spot on the beach.

TripGo works in hundreds of cities worldwide and more cities are added all the time. Users don’t have to download a new app when they go overseas.

TripGo also offers a white label for businesses and governments who want to use live public transit information. Now with the power of what3words inside, everyone can act on real-time public transit information and know their clients will be in exactly the right place.

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This multi-modal transit app is the first to combine both public and private transport modes into one trip. Thanks to what3words integration, you can specify the 3 word start and end points of a trip, and display the 3 word address of any location on the map.

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