Discover Ulaanbaatar with what3words, Unitel and Ulaanbaatar Passport

No one likes to feel like a tourist. They wear fanny packs, are easy targets to local pickpockets, and they always seem lost.

Unitel wants to help travellers in Mongolia step out of the tourist role and experience the country like a local even if they don’t speak the language. They offer a sim card for short-term stays that visitors can buy at the airport, Sixt car rental shops and hotels. Along with the sim card, the package includes a copy of Ulaanbaatar Passport, a pocket-sized guide to Ulaanbaatar’s best cafes, bars, and restaurants, with exclusive deals and discounts for each location.

To make it easy for non-locals to get around in an unfamiliar (and confusing) city, Ulaanbaatar Passport lists 3 word addresses for all the venues it features, and Unitel encourages people to download the what3words app, using the data from the sim card.

Visitors can use the Unitel data package to navigate the city in their own language, and to easily identify and navigate to the must-see spots of Ulaanbaatar. Groups can also use 3 word addresses to plan easy meeting points around the city, so everyone has the freedom to explore Ulaanbaatar however they like, knowing that they’ll always find their fellow travellers when they need to.

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