3 words to the doorstep with Zoobashop

Whilst ordering online is becoming easier, getting goods delivered to the customers’ door is still a major challenge in Ghana. The country’s biggest online retailer, Zoobashop, has found the perfect solution by adding what3words as a checkout field. Now, when ordering online, customers can simply enter their 3 word address, to specify the precise 3m x 3m point that they want their goods to be delivered to.

Order success, delivery fail

Zoobashop want to be able to deliver to everyone, everywhere in Ghana. However, the country has widely suffered from inconsistent addressing. This has resulted not only in delayed or missed deliveries but also frustrated customers and a hesitation to place new orders. Zoobashop has already become the go-to destination for Ghana’s growing online shopping customers. And the team are keen to continue that trend.

More efficient deliveries

By integrating what3words, Zoobashop can deliver goods more efficiently, keeping logistics costs in check. And customers now enjoy the confidence in knowing their new purchases will arrive at their doorstep, on time.

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