Smoother adventures with what3words and Nomadic Off Road

Discovering the wonders of Mongolia might mean leaving the paved streets and heading into the desert. Whilst that’s great for a biking trip, a lack of addressing can make logistics difficult and frustrating for adventure tour operator, Nomadic Off Road. Fortunately 3 word addresses are here to help.

Off the beaten track

Nomadic Off Road offer their guests the chance to explore the wild and wonderful lands of Mongolia. They combine the excitement of off-road riding with the comfort and safety of a meticulously planned experience.

Guests are accompanied by a professional team – for service and safety purposes – including two support vehicles, a private chef for culinary endeavours and an on-call air rescue service, if needed.


Lost in the desert

After a day of desert driving, guests arrive at their campsite ready to relax. These camps – including traditional Mongolian Gers – are set up in advance, in the heart of rural Mongolia. Until recently, the only way to confirm the camp’s location, and the route to find it, was via GPS coordinates.

These long and complex strings of letters and numbers had to be phoned through to tour leaders, to pinpoint the camp location. However, unreliable phone signals and human error often resulted in mistakes when communicating the coordinates.


3 words to basecamp

Now, the team simply shares the 3 word address of the camp’s location, over the phone, or even via SMS. With accuracy down to a precise 3m x 3m square, tours have complete confidence that they’ll arrive at the correct location every time.

They also use the what3words app – available in Mongolian and English – to help plan routes and itineraries, from sleeping in a yurt in the heart of the Gobi desert to enjoying breakfast with a view over Khuvsgul Lake.


You can download the what3words app for free on iOS or Android. You can even add it to your Garmin watch for your own rural escape. And if you have an appetite for real adventure, why not book a Mongolian Nomadic Off Road tour for 2017.

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