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При использовании адресов с точностью до квадрата 3х3 м доставка товаров всегда будет осуществляться в срок. Адреса из 3 слов делают это возможным для компаний и людей, не имеющих почтового адреса, и повышают эффективность логистики в случае с неточной или неполной адресацией.



RouteXL is a route optimiser for multiple addresses. It finds the fastest route between destinations, sorting the stops in the optimal sequence for the easiest and fastest route. Users can now search using 3 word addresses, and find the best route between a number of precise locations. The combination of accuracy and speed saves businesses time and money.

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The award winning MapTrip android app from Infoware empowers individuals with professional navigation intelligence. And with what3words integration, points of interest with no street address such as parks, solar installations, telephones exchanges or street furniture, can now be found.

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Autoaddress, the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland, has launched a free Eircode and what3words app for Apple and Android devices, that enables users to find and share any address or location in Ireland with maps, directions, deliveries and 3 words addresses.

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