Multi stop route planner RouteXL integrates what3words

Three words to save time and money when routing between jobs

Delivery drivers, tradespeople, engineers and bailiffs don’t know where they will be working on any given day, and they often have multiple appointments throughout the day. Travelling between each place is a challenge that can take time and cost money. For any businesses that have a mobile workforce or individuals who move from job to job, keeping on top of scheduling is a challenge.

RouteXL is a road route planner to help people optimise their appointments, meetings, pickups and deliveries. It takes the hassle out of figuring out the best order for them and calculates the most efficient route between them. It connects to various smartphone navigation apps, GPS and satnav devices and the telematics system of TomTom®.

Their web platform is tailored for small businesses, with a free plan for all routes with less than 20 stops. Upgrades allow up to 150 stops per itinerary, and an API is available for seamless integration of its route optimization algorithm with client systems. RouteXL is also used by some larger multinational companies.

The system allows people to plan their travel from A to Z efficiently. Unfortunately defining where A, Z and everywhere in between are can prove just as challenging, especially if they are new or unfamiliar places. Many places, such as business parks, large offices, and rural homes are not well addressed and prove difficult to find. Often places have no street address at all: parks, solar installations, telephones exchanges or even street furniture.

To solve this RouteXL have integrated what3words.

what3words is an addressing and location reference system based on a global grid of 57 trillion squares of 3mx3m; each square has a unique pre-assigned 3 word address. It means anyone can find any spot on the planet accurately and communicate it more quickly, more easily and with less ambiguity than with any other system. Words can easily be remembered, written, said, printed or shared digitally.


RouteXL users can currently input 3 word addresses into the system and find the best route between them. A precise location combined with intelligent routing means that people can get to the right places in the most efficient way possible, saving businesses time and money.

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Use RouteXL

RouteXL is a route optimiser for multiple addresses. It finds the fastest route between destinations, sorting the stops in the optimal sequence for the easiest and fastest route. Users can now search using 3 word addresses, and find the best route between a number of precise locations. The combination of accuracy and speed saves businesses time and money.

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