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App yetu isiyolipishwa ya iOS na Android huweka vipengele vyote muhimu vya ramani katika furushi rahisi la simu maizi.

Pakua ya iOS na Android

API ya Mtandaoni

API hii ni mistari michache ya msimbo ambayo unaweza kuongeza utendakazi wa anwani ya maneno 3 kwenye app, ramani au tovuti yako ya uliyo nayo.

Pata API hii

Ramani ya what3words

Zana isiyolipishwa ya ramani, inayopatikana kwenye, inakuwezesha kugundua na kushiriki anwani za maneno 3 kwa haraka na kwa urahisi.

Chunguza ramani

SDK ya seva

Biashara, Mashirika Yasiyo ya Kiserikali na serikali zinaweza kutumia huduma hii kuendesha mfumo wa what3words kutoka kwenye seva zao binafsi.

Pata maelezo zaidi

SDK ya Vifaa vya Mkononi

Furushi hili hutoa huduma sawia kama API lakini linaweza kusakinishwa kwenye kifaa maizi na hufanya kazi yote nje ya mtandao.

Pata maelezo zaidi ya iOS na Android

Ugeuzaji kwa wingi

Zana hii hugeuza viwianishi kuwa anwani za maneno 3 na anwani za maneno 3 kuwa viwianishi.

Anza kugeuza

App-jalizi za GIS

Vipengele vyote vya what3words vinaweza kutumiwa kupitia app-jalizi za majukwaa ya GIS, kama vile, ArcGIS, QGIS and Hexagon’s Smart M.Apps.

Tazama zana zaidi za GIS katika bidhaa za wahusika wengine au wasiliana nasi ili kujifunza mengi zaidi.

Programu ya Picha

3WordPhoto hukuwezesha kualamisha picha kwa kutumia anwani ya maneno 3 ili marafiki na wafuasi wako waweze kuona ni wapi hasa picha ilipigiwa. Pakua ya iOS na Android

Programu jalizi ya Excel

Programu jalizi hii inatoa njia rahisi ya kufikia utendaji wa API ndani ya programu ya Microsoft Excel kwa kutumia vitendaji mbalimbali vya what3words. Pata maelezo zaidi | Wasiliana nasi ili kuagiza programu jalizi ya Excel

Danish postal solutions provider Lyngsoe Systems and what3words have developed a new solution that can scan 3 word addresses. Lyngsoe Systems’ MICS camera can now scan 3 word addresses printed on envelopes or parcels and assign them to the correct bin. The sorting bins are predefined by each postal operator, allowing for a completely tailored solution.

Lyngsoe Systems inapatikana kwa Web

Huduma za Posta / Ufikishaji na Usafirishaji

tripwolf is one of the world’s leading travel apps, providing over 10 million people worldwide with recommendations, reviews and top tips through 600 carefully researched city guides. The app also includes offline maps and a trip planner. tripwolf has adopted 3 word addresses to help its users find all the great places listed in its guides, first time, every time.

tripwolf inapatikana kwa iOS, Android & Web

Urambazaji na Usafiri / Usafiri na Utalii

BlindSquare is the leading navigation app for the visually impaired. It uses 3 word addresses to allow easy input and accurate navigation to specific locations. Users can find their way anywhere without getting lost or having to ask for directions.

Blindsquare inapatikana kwa iOS

Urambazaji na Usafiri

Splyt creates software for the e-hailing industry. Its app users can now input 3 word addresses to easily find each other and get to a specific destination. This removes frustrations for drivers and customers, and improves the app’s overall efficiency.

Splyt inapatikana kwa iOS & Android


Rambler GPX Maps and Navigation is an app for hikers in Poland. Communicating and remembering addresses is difficult when the only way to do so is through GPS coordinates, which is why the app is now using 3 word addresses. Users can search for, save and share any location, and avoid getting lost in the Polish wilderness.

Rambler GPX Maps and Navigation inapatikana kwa Android

Urambazaji na Usafiri / Usafiri na Utalii

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking is a navigation app aimed at outdoors sports enthusiasts who regularly face the problem of not having a simple way to refer to a specific location. 3 word addresses allow them to find their location and tell others exactly where they are or where to meet. They can finally stop worrying about getting lost and get on with their run, hike or sail.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking inapatikana kwa Android

Urambazaji na Usafiri / Usafiri na Utalii

Map Coordinates is an app designed in Romania that displays GPS coordinates for any selected position on earth. They can then be turned into 3 word addresses, which means that users with no internet access can still tell others exactly where they are or want to go to without fumbling through strings of numbers.

Map Coordinates inapatikana kwa Android

Urambazaji na Usafiri

Logfy, a Brazil-based logistics company that connects businesses and carriers, has integrated what3words to its platform. E-commerces can now use 3 word addresses when organising a pick-up or drop-off, which means that carriers always find the exact delivery spot on time. All parties involved save precious time and money, and satisfied clients are more likely to use the service again.

Logfy inapatikana kwa Android

Ufikishaji na Usafirishaji

DroneRadar is an app that displays airspace traffic information in Poland. It has fully embraced 3 words addresses: they appear alongside flight information, and users can use them instead of GPS coordinates when they type in their own paths. This helps make the airspace safer and opens up the use of drones to non-professional operators.

DroneRadar inapatikana kwa iOS & Android

Droni (UAV)

Maverick GPS is a multi-feature offline navigation app in Australia. Its users can look up points of interest with 3 word addresses and add them to their route. Now that off-road drivers have a way to talk about and find remote places, they can finally relax and enjoy the drive.

Maverick GPS inapatikana kwa Android

Urambazaji na Usafiri

All-in-One Offline Maps is a French navigation app that allows users to include waypoints in their routes. Typing in coordinates can be complicated, so the app has added a 3 word address search feature that people can use to find any spot. They save time, have a better experience with the app, and can fully enjoy their walks.

All-in-One Offline Maps inapatikana kwa Android

Urambazaji na Usafiri

Autoaddress, the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland, has launched a free Eircode and what3words app for Apple and Android devices, that enables users to find and share any address or location in Ireland with maps, directions, deliveries and 3 words addresses.

Autoaddress inapatikana kwa iOS & Android

Huduma za Posta / Ufikishaji na Usafirishaji

Dronesmith Technologies builds tools for drone developers and innovators. Their cloud-based drone command platform allows anyone to start building drone applications, without needing to be an expert. 3 word addresses give their users a human-friendly way to specify precise locations for drone take-off, landing, and waypoints.

Dronesmith Technologies inapatikana kwa Web

Droni (UAV)

GoPato is a home delivery personal assistant, which saves you the complicity and time taking what you need.

GoPato inapatikana kwa iOS, Android & Web

Ufikishaji na Usafirishaji

The ARDHI app from Land Rover has every feature you need to get the most out of your off-road experiences – from recording your unique paths on the map to sharing memories with friends and even earning bragging rights with badges.

ARDHI inapatikana kwa iOS & Android


BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch, fitted with movement sensors (gyroscope, pedometer, accelerometer), bluetooth connectivity, WiFi and an e-compass.

Wasiliani nasi kwa upatikanaji.

Mobility / Urambazaji na Usafiri

Beeline is a smart compass for your bike. Instead of showing a prescribed route, Beeline strips navigation back to basics by simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance to go.

Beeline inapatikana kwa iOS, Android & Web

Urambazaji na Usafiri

Pearlshare is the best way to build and share local area travel guides. Save all your favourite places near home and for travelling – restaurants, bars, attractions and places to visit – and save them with personal comments and tips in easily sharable guides for you and your guests.

Pearlshare inapatikana kwa iOS & Web

Usafiri na Utalii

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