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Meet the UK companies
offering smoother rides with what3words

Ride-hailing, chauffeur and taxi companies around the UK now use what3words for smoother rides. By accepting what3words addresses, they enable their customers to say exactly where they’d like to be picked up and dropped off. With precise and reliable location information, trips take less time, customers have a better experience and drivers spend less time searching for the right place.

Check out the software providers enabling smoother rides


To help taxi firms find exact destinations easily, Cordic now support what3words addresses on cPAQ, driver app, and passenger app.


Taxi and private hire companies powered by Cab9's software can automatically accept what3words through their passenger app and dispatching software.

Chauffeur Drive Systems

This chauffeur booking system uses what3words to make sure that drivers are sent to the best pick-up locations.

Dispatch from Dever Software

Chauffeur operators using this software can now enter a what3words address into a dedicated field, pin the location on a map, and calculate distance and time.


CMAC has integrated what3words into their taxi dispatching software so that breakdown recovery firms can send a taxi to the exact location of a member who has broken down.


Gazoop has integrated the what3words technology enabling its clients and their customers to book rides to and from a what3words address.


what3words is available throughout Onde's product offerings, from its passenger and driver apps to taxi operator management system.


All of InfoCabs' clients can take advantage of the what3words integration in its web based booking system and passenger app.

Meet the ride providers

Sherbet Electric Taxis

This fleet of electric black cabs can navigate to any 3 metre square in London now that customers can use a what3words address in Sherbet's passenger app.

Addison Lee

London’s largest premium private hire business and same day courier operation has integrated what3words into its booking tools.


Essex’s largest Taxi and Private Hire company teams up with what3words to further ease customers booking process and to deliver a safe, sustainable and prompt service.

Ride booked on Havn using what3words address


This all-electric chauffeur service powered by Jaguar Land Rover accepts what3words addresses in its pick-up and drop-off fields.

orange car parked at a what3words address


The booking app and website allows people to enter a what3words address in the search bar to find nearby cab companies.

Ryedale’s Comfy Cars & Taxis

The taxi service based in North Yorkshire uses what3words to ensure rides always exceed customer expectations.

Rural Chauffer

Providing a reliable and competitively priced luxury service, The Rural Chauffeur ensures that customers arrive comfortably, on time and safely.

Mercedes V-Class parked on gravel

Aura Journeys

Using what3words, Aura Journeys can pinpoint the exact spot for drivers to pick up their customers.

Blackwing Chauffeurs

Premier corporate chauffeur company Blackwing, finds what3words useful to drop guests off at a particular entrance.

Limousine with bunting and flags

Stretch-Marks Limousine Hire

This limousine-hire business based in East Yorkshire uses what3words because it is more accurate than sat navs.

Wrexham Chauffeurs

Luxury chauffeur company, Wrexham, uses what3words chauffeurs can share their precise location, to within 3 meters.

Cotswold Chauffeur Services

This chauffeur service uses what3words addresses, so that drivers know exactly where to drop customers off.

Private Concierge Scotland

This luxury destination concierge enhanced its customer experience by using what3words so customers receive a tailored service.

Baxendale Executive Travel

This luxury travel company uses what3words to locate its customers to the nearest point possible.

Junction 21 Chauffeurs

To find customers in difficult locations, this chauffeur company has incorporated what3words into its dispatch system.

Comincia Chauffeur Services

Customers can easily get picked-up and dropped off at an exact location when they give a what3words address to this chauffeur service.


This executive transport company supplies corporate travel to business passengers and uses what3words for pick-up and drop-off locations.

Aspen Executive Cars

Driving seamless rides in the North East, Aspen Executive Cars can accept what3words address given over the phone.


Transvercia offers a discrete, personalised service for individuals, executives and VIPs across Scotland.

NEW Executive Transfers

Riders can provide their what3words address to NEW Executive Transfers over the phone so drivers know exactly where to pick them up.

Equus Executive Car Service

Equus accepts what3words to assist their positional and location identifiers.

Blackpool Minibuses

The fully qualified, fun and friendly drivers at Blackpool Minibuses will get you to your exact destination stress free.

Potter Chauffeur

Riders arrive at their exact destination in comfort and style with these highly prestigious York chauffeurs.


2PL now sends riders a link to the what3words site so that they can say exactly where they’d like to be picked up.

Cadbury Cars

This professional chauffeur service uses what3words because it is more efficient than a post-code.

The Executive Choice Chauffeur Company

This chauffeur company uses what3words to improve the experience for its clients and help drivers improve efficiency.

Pinnacle Luxury Cars

With professionally trained chauffeurs and a fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles, Pinnacle Chauffeur Transport guarantee a unique travel experience.

Harrogate VZ Executive Cars

VZ is committed to providing customers with a personal, reliable and professional chauffeur-driven car service.