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Delivery companies and ecommerce logistics require minimal delays and optimal routes

We make it practical to deliver to businesses and people with no addresses, and increase efficiency where addressing is inaccurate or inadequate.

Even in countries with great addressing, deliveries fail. Over 6 million deliveries a year in the UK have address issues*. Poor addressing contributes to the last mile problem that accounts for up to 28% of the total cost to move goods.

We can help in the last mile by specifying a precise & fixed location for the whole supply chain to work to.

With what3words, you also don’t have to rely on drivers with local knowledge to make deliveries, so rostering and managing demand is a lot easier.

* Data from IMRG

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Case studies

Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions and committed to becoming a technology-based enterprise. Aramex’s integration of what3words into its e-commerce operations demonstrates its commitment to investing in innovative solutions, to not only enhance its business operations, but to make the logistics and transportation industry more efficient and effective.

Located in the Horn of Africa, the Republic of Djibouti is the fifth country in the world to accept 3 word addresses to improve its national infrastructure. It joinds Mongol Post, La Poste Cote d’Ivoire, Postal Services Sint Maarten and Tonga Post as postal services that have adopted the system.

The Kingdom of Tonga is the first country in the region, and the fourth in the world, after Mongolia, Sint Maarten and Cote d’Ivoire to use the what3words addressing system for postal services. Using 3 word addresses is both practical and user friendly for residents, as well as time and cost efficient for Tonga Post.

The island nation of Sint Maarten has become the third country to adopt the what3words addressing system, thanks to a partnership with Postal Services Sint Maarten (PSSNV). Many places on the island lack a formal or official address. Rapid development also means that addressing systems that do exist are struggling to keep pace. Making what3words part of the country’s infrastructure, and integral to PSSNV’s service, will help unlock the region’s economic growth and social development.

Côte d’Ivoire is the first African nation to adopt 3 word addresses to improve its national infrastructure. By using what3words, every location in the country now has an instant address. As a first step, La Poste wants to use this integration to make home deliveries a reality for millions. Customers will be able to identify any 3 word address using the free La Poste app and simply write it on an envelope.

Mongol Post has adopted the addressing platform what3words for postal deliveries to customers across the country. Mongolia covers an area nearly the size of the European Union, but has no consistent addressing system. what3words has developed an easy-to-use, accurate address for every 3m x 3m square in the world, and Mongol Post is now making this address system integral to its service and a part of the infrastructure that will help drive the country’s economic development.

Copter Express has developed a range of delivery drones to help make UAV delivery available to everyone. By integrating what3words into their software, Copter Express now has a human-friendly way of sharing locations.

By integrating what3words, Zoobashop can deliver goods more efficiently, keeping logistics costs in check. And customers now enjoy the confidence in knowing their new purchases will arrive at their doorstep, on time.

Autoaddress, the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland, has launched a free Eircode and what3words app for Apple and Android devices, that enables users to find and share any address or location in Ireland with maps, directions, deliveries and 3 words addresses.

Purchasing power is on the rise in Mongolia. And online shopping sites are helping to satisfying this growing demand. Whilst ordering online is becoming easier, getting goods delivered to the customers’ door is still a major challenge. Online retailer, Mmarket, has found the perfect solution. Customers can now simply enter a 3 word address at the checkout and be certain that their package will arrive at its destination. Better still, they can use the Mongolian version of what3words to identify their front door, in their own language.

Costa Rican on-demand courier GoPato have integrated what3words into their Facebook app so that customers can place orders using simple 3 word addresses to specify precise pick-up and delivery locations, accurate to 3m x 3m.

Businesses using PostCoder Web can now find the 3 word address for an address, or look up an address using its 3 word description. PostCoder Web works internationally and provides postcode lookup and address auto-fill in the UK using reference data from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) and Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium. Allies have added 3 word addresses to PostCoder Web using the simple what3words API.

what3words is integrated into Blackbay’s Delivery Connect. The solution gives instant visibility of all in-depot and driver activity to the logistics operator and allows items to be tracked and traced. Information captured throughout this process is then made available to consumers in real-time, enabling them to monitor progress, manage their preferences, update the carrier and ensure successful delivery.

Onibag is a California-based rapid response courier. Their couriers pride themselves on speed, with 95% of drivers arriving at the pick-up location in 30 minutes or less. This means whatever you need, wherever you need it, they’ll get it to you. The fact that Onibag specialise in urgent same-day delivery means they also deliver blood to blood banks and urgent medical equipment to hospitals. In such circumstances, time is not just desirable – it’s essential.

Traffic and congestion in some of India’s biggest cities makes delivering goods by mini-truck a challenge in itself. And with unreliable street addressing in the mix, the challenge can become a real struggle. Logistics specialists, Blowhorn, are bucking that trend, by integrating 3 word addresses into their collection and delivery service.

The award winning MapTrip android app from Infoware empowers individuals with professional navigation intelligence. And with what3words integration, points of interest with no street address such as parks, solar installations, telephones exchanges or street furniture, can now be found.

Direct Today are one of the many UK Couriers that struggle with poor addressing and geocoding on a daily basis. When they can’t find an address, they can’t make a delivery easily and this costs the business time and money. By utilizing the what3words innovate addressing system to pinpoint delivery locations they have seen an immediate reduction in missed deliveries.

11.5 million people live in over 1000 favelas on the outskirts of numerous Brazilian cities. These settlements of jerry-built shacks have limited public delivery services and no official maps or addresses. As the income of the inhabitants increases and the rise of ecommerce in the country continues, Carteiro Amigo and what3words are working together to change that.

Geocoding street addressing is imprecise and many places including business parks, large offices, and rural homes prove difficult to find. Often places have no street address at all: parks, solar installations, telephone exchanges or even street furniture. The job for ensuring a seamless experience falls to software providers such as ZipZap. To solve the imprecise and vague address problem, ZipZap have integrated what3words.

Iyeza Express is a bicycle courier service that collects and delivers chronic medication from public health facilities to over 250 patients in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. For the most part the homes have no street address, meaning valuable time is lost looking for the correct drop off point. what3words solves this problem, meaning Sizwe and his team can efficiently carry out their deliveries around Khayelitsha.

City Rydes Limited is a Kenyan logistics company, for both personal and corporate clients. With time increasingly becoming unavailable to today’s high achievers, running petty errands can seem just too much hassle. City Rydes have integrated what3words on their site so clients can discover their 3 word addresses and book a delivery or task – in English and in Swahili, while their drivers will have tablet applications that mean they can navigate smoothly.

Takeaway food and home delivery is a new concept to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa but one that’s rapidly gaining traction in the city. Deliver Addis has integrated what3words into their delivery checkout. Customers can now enter the 3 word address of exactly where they want the delivery to arrive, whether that’s an entrance door, back garden, or even a communal location.

UAVenture develops leading edge flight control software for the next generation of UAVs. They have integrated what3words into their AirRails platform, enabling flights to and from a 3 word address. Planning drone flights with 3 word addresses is a huge breakthrough for the future of drone delivery, with customers able to share a 3 word address at an online checkout page, which can then be used to accurately deliver a package.

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