Coordinating large events such as festivals can be similar to the management of a small town

From the largest sporting event to the smallest music festival, what3words is helping to improve the experience for organisers, vendors, emergency services and ticket holders.

Finding your friends, or your tent or a particular stage or food stall at festivals can be problematic. This is especially tricky when there is limited and congested phone and data reception. 80% of calls at festivals are all about “Where are you?” and“Where shall I meet you?”.

what3words allows organisers, retailers, performers and festival-goers to share and find important locations easily, be that your own tent, your friend’s tent, first aid, food stations or activities. It works offline so will keep the network congestion down and will still work in the busiest times.

This results in happier festival-goers and happier organisers. who have the ability to allocate specific 3 word addresses to stall-holders, tents and cars, and manage lost people. Cellular network performance is also massively improved as a result.

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Case studies

yada has integrated the what3words service into their app, to ensure that guests can always find their way. 3 word addresses can be provided for every key location of an event – from a stately home front gate to the location of a beer tent in the middle of a field. Guests can see the address and get directions to the precise 3m x 3m square.

what3words teamed up with Earth-i to provide Farnborough International Air Show with high resolution satellite imagery combined with 3 word addresses. This enabled efficient equipment delivery and clean up, and the security and medical teams to respond quickly and easily.

Intterra, a geospatial technology company that specialises in public safety and emergency situational awareness, coordinated over 100 special NFL and corporate events. The communication of location is one of the key barriers when managing an emergency situation. Even in a built-up and developed area street addressing might not cover specific areas and is often not accurate enough. GPS coordinates are accurate but prone to error when communicating their 18 digits across a radio or in person. To solve the location issue Intterra have integrated what3words into their system.

Festival Medical Services is a medical charity and a leading provider of high-quality event medical services. They also offer responder training and their medical teams support some of Europe’s largest events. Last year FMS trialled what3words to coordinate their team of medical staff and emergency responders and were able to respond to incidents in a more timely manner identifying exact location within seconds.

Building on UNDP’s use of what3words in the field in many regions across Africa, the regional security team in Turkey are using it to communicate across their teams. Drivers and security team members have downloaded the free what3words application, which enables them to simply describe the exact location of assets, people and even any incidents that arise.

The Towersey Festival is an annual event with live music, dance, and cultural workshops. Over 10,000 guests, including families, visit the festival over the weekend each year in fields of rural Oxfordshire. This year, the Towersey organisers used what3words to collect addresses for key locations around the festival during set-up.