what3words is helping drivers navigate more efficiently and reach their destinations with greater accuracy.

People often want to navigate to somewhere that doesn’t have an address (a point in a large national park or a spot on a long uninhabited road), or that has a house name but not a house number.

To compound this, street addresses are often geocoded inaccurately. Sat navs struggle with ambiguity when people enter a search query that has multiple results. For example, there are 8 “Lonsdale Roads” in London, one of the best addressed cities in the world.

what3words can solve these problems as it is precise, unambiguous, and independent of street addressing. If people want to navigate to a house with a name but no number, it will still have 3 words.

Similarly, even individual points in parks or fields will each have 3 word addresses and can be navigated to with ease.

what3words can transform navigation as we know it. For what3words users, ambiguous search terms won’t be an issue, and precise location will become commonplace as opposed to an acceptance that sat navs will get you near but not all the way. Navigating anywhere in the world is just as simple: people don’t need to worry about foreign spellings or unfamiliar alphabets, and can comfortably use what3words in their native language, wherever they are in the world.

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Case studies

Speedy Route optimises route planning for trips with multiple destinations. The service is available worldwide, including to places that lack reliable street addressing. Users can now plot routes using what3words, improving location accuracy to any destination in the world.

The journeys of tomorrow will be made in self-driving taxis, buses and shuttles. what3words has partnered with Next, to provide the precise 3 word addresses required for accurate collection and delivery points for their smart, autonomous modules.

TripGo is the only true multi-modal transit app that combines both any public and any private transport mode into one trip. Whether you’re cycling, walking, taking the bus or the underground, or all of them, you can get from A to Z, and everywhere in between, simply and easily. With what3words you can specify 3 word addresses for start and end points, and display the 3 word address of any location by dropping a pin.

Targeted at travellers and hikers, PocketEarth’s apps offer global travel guides and offline maps for every adventure. You can search and navigate to 3 word addresses around the world, and display the 3 word address for every location instead of GPS coordinates.

Navmii, the award winning smart navigation and traffic app, has integrated what3words meaning users can discover, save, share & navigate to a 3 word addresses directly from within the Navmii app. This is incredibly useful for areas without a postcode or street address or where they are inaccurate. Rather than having to use the what3words app in combination with other apps you can simply use Navmii.

Discovering the wonders of Mongolia might mean leaving the paved streets and heading into the desert. Whilst that’s great for a biking trip, a lack of addressing can make logistics difficult and frustrating for adventure tour operator, Nomadic Off Road. Fortunately 3 word addresses are here to help.

Infoware, creator of professional navigation tools to organisations including BMW, Volkswagen and DHL, have taken their knowledge helping large organisations and created the award winning MapTrip android app to empower individuals with the same intelligence. With what3words integration, points of interest with no street address such as parks, solar installations, telephones exchanges or street furniture, can now be found. provides online maps with detailed streetmaps of Great Britain and includes search by postcode, place name, London streetname, OS grid reference and what3words.

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