The only addressing system designed specifically for voice

Voice is the easiest and most natural way to interact with technology, but when it comes to voice navigation, addresses are frustrating for people to use, and are limiting the potential of new mobility solutions




Street addresses weren’t designed for voice entry


Some addresses are difficult to distinguish between

Lawn Road and Lorne Road sound exactly the same.


Numbers in street names are confusing

Computers mistake ‘240, First Street’ with ‘241st Street’.


Duplicate addresses cause navigation errors

There are 14 different Church Roads in London, and 632 Juarez Streets in Mexico City.


There are places we simply can’t talk about

Beaches, construction sites and specific entrances to large buildings don’t have an address.


Addresses in other languages are hard to pronounce

How do you say Niederkirchnerstraße if you can’t speak German?




A voice-first addressing solution

We divided the world into 3 metre squares, and gave each square a unique 3 word address. Everywhere in the world can now be found and navigated to by saying 3 simple words. what3words Voice has intelligent error detection that helps users identify and correct input mistakes, and results can be clipped to a certain area, offering unrivalled voice accuracy for location input.





A simple solution for automobility

We’re bridging the gap in human to machine location communication with precise addresses that are simple for people to say and easy for AI to understand.


Natural and memorable
A simple way to say precise locations

In your language
A global, multilingual system

Precise and simple with built-in error detection

what3words voice navigation in your favourite apps


Say 3 words to enter a location and use your favourite navigation apps to get there.

Say 3 words to enter a location and use your favourite ride-hailing apps to get there.

‘Alexa, ask what3words to get me a ride to filled count soap’


‘Hey Mercedes, navigate to what3words daring lion race’


From directing drones by voice to navigating in autonomous shuttles, we’re rethinking how voice enables the future of mobility

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