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Meet the UK companies
offering smoother rides with what3words

Ride-hailing and taxi companies around the UK now use what3words for smoother rides. By accepting what3words addresses, they enable their customers to say exactly where they’d like to be picked up and dropped off. With precise and reliable location information, trips take less time, customers have a better experience and drivers complete more rides.

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Check out the innovators
Ride booked on Havn using what3words address


This all-electric chauffeur service powered by Jaguar Land Rover accepts what3words addresses in its pick-up and drop-off fields.

orange car parked at a what3words address

The booking app and website allows people to enter a what3words address in the search bar to find nearby cab companies.

Ryedale’s Comfy Cars & Taxis

The taxi service based in North Yorkshire uses what3words to ensure rides always exceed customer expectations.

Rural Chauffer

The Rural Chauffeur provides a reliable and competitively priced luxury service, ensuring that you arrive comfortably, on time and most of all safely.

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