Fighting fires efficiently with what3words and CoolBomb

Fires claim thousands of lives and homes every year, but current fire fighting techniques are still desperately inefficient at night and in high winds.

CoolBomb is an aerosol extinguishing device, designed to be used for housing, industrial or infrastructure protection. It allows a fire defence barrier to be set up in advance, and blasts can be triggered remotely or autonomously using trackers. The device works by pushing away hot air and covering surrounding surfaces with fire-retardants. Evaporation then creates steam that helps reduce heat energy. The blast is locally limited, environmentally safe and does not destroy its surroundings.
The creators of CoolBomb use what3words to locate fires and to set up defence barriers.

Communication during bushfires can be difficult, so 3 word addresses provide a simple and user-friendly location reference that can be used by Coolbomb’s team, as well as other emergency services. what3words works offline and is far easier to communicate over radio than GPS coordinates.

Here’s a video of CoolBomb test:

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