Find the 3 words for your delivery location

Search for your delivery location on the free app or online map. Switch to satellite view, zoom in and select the exact 3 metre square to see its what3words address.

Tip: Be as precise as you can – select the exact building entrance or drop-off point.


Use it next time you get a delivery

When you place an order, type the what3words address in the delivery notes, or in the what3words box if there is one. You can also give it easily over the phone.

When you type a what3words address, don’t forget the dots between the words: ///filled.count.soap


Save it for future use

Click Save to keep your what3words address handy in the app – you’ll need to register with an email address.

Alternatively, note it down and keep it somewhere safe.

Add a what3words address to your delivery app profiles