what3words is the easiest and most accurate way for drivers to give their car a precise destination for navigation. This innovative addressing system allows drivers to navigate to any precise 3m x 3m square in the world using 3 simple words. what3words can be integrated directly into a car’s infotainment system via a simple piece of code.

Whether you’re driving to a business meeting, or heading off on a family road trip, knowing where you’re going is essential for a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

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Caroom enables personalized parking solutions in real time, taking account of your needs, safety and how you can save time and money by letting the app solve your parking problem

Caroom is available for iOS & Web

Automotive / Navigation

Splyt creates software for the e-hailing industry. Its app users can now input 3 word addresses to easily find each other and get to a specific destination. This removes frustrations for drivers and customers, and improves the app’s overall efficiency.

Splyt is available for iOS, Android & Developers


The award winning MapTrip android app from Infoware empowers individuals with professional navigation intelligence. And with what3words integration, points of interest with no street address such as parks, solar installations, telephones exchanges or street furniture, can now be found.

MapTrip is available for Android

Automotive / Deliveries & Logistics / Navigation / Postal Services

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