Emergency Services

Emergencies can happen anywhere, from a broken down vehicle to a major natural disaster. A 3 word address can effectively communicate a precise location – anywhere on the planet – and support response teams in coordinating their operations.


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Building on UNDP’s use of what3words in the field in many regions across Africa, the regional security team in Turkey are using it to communicate across their teams. Drivers and security team members have downloaded the free what3words application, which enables them to simply describe the exact location of assets, people and even any incidents that arise.

UN-ASIGN is available for iOS & Android

Emergency Services / Humanitarian

Mission critical dispatch platform, RapidDeploy, is changing the way emergency vehicles operate in any situation, from land to open water. First responders now use 3 word addresses to pinpoint the precise location of someone in distress, and the platform dispatches the nearest available resource. This means RapidDeploy can now help emergency services reach those in danger in less time and, ultimately, save more lives.

Rapid Deploy is available for Web

Emergency Services

Resgrid are rolling out what3words into their Dispatch system, allowing dispatchers to create a call with a 3 word address and dispatch personnel to that location.

Resgrid is available for Web

Emergency Services

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