From delivering life critical packages to finding rural farming events, businesses across the globe are using what3words to enable customers to find exact locations and share precise delivery points. Find out how some of our recent business partners are using what3words.

Delivering life critical packages in hours

Direct Couriers is an Australian company using what3words to speed up delivery times.


“Our customers in the medical and construction fields rely on our deliveries as a matter of urgency. what3words has streamlined our time critical deliveries and enabled everyone to know exactly where the delivery will happen.”

– Stated Karoline Zaiter, Customer Service Manager, Direct Couriers.

Luxury holiday homes providing hassle-free arrival for guests

Perfect Stays has added a what3words address to guests’ ‘Essential Information Guides’.


“Being based in the South West of England, our luxury holiday homes are often located off the beaten track. We want our guests to have a hassle-free holiday so we’ve recently added a what3words address to all of our properties.”

– Joe Knight, Guest Experience Manager, Perfect Stays.

Easy access to pontoons in London for rowing clubs

London Youth Rowing is a non-profit business using what3words to help young people of all abilities access watersports.


“London Youth Rowing uses what3words to help get people to our locations, like our brand new pontoon on the Olympic Park. As the pontoon doesn’t have a specific address, what3words is perfect. Our safety team will use also use what3words to provide location information if there is an incident.”

– Andrew Triggs Hodge, Engagement and Events, London Youth Rowing.

Piping hot pizza delivered straight to your doorstep

Domino’s global ordering platform is rolling out what3words. International franchisees can opt-in to add a what3words address field at checkout, resulting in a fast, precise and accurate delivery for customers. This makes ETA’s more reliable with no need to answer calls from lost drivers to provide additional directions. For the pizza delivery expert, the delivery is smooth and less stressful. 

Agricultural farming event helping its guests to find entrances easily

Cereals is a yearly event in the UK about the future of farming and is using what3words addresses to help their attendees arrive at the most suitable event entrance.


“We find what3words a particularly useful tool – both to make logistics run smoothly in the run-up to the show and also to be able to easily share precise locations of site entrances with our many visitors.”

– Jonathan Backhouse​, Arable Project Manager, Cereals Event.

Pinpointing parcel addresses for smarter, greener deliveries

DPD UK is using what3words to enable deliveries to precise locations.


“We use the best technology available to make our drivers’ job easier, and what3words is an incredibly smart solution. In addition to helping us deliver to new housing estates and remote cottages, there are significant gains from more effective fleet routing. It’s is a very welcome addition to our award winning service.”

– Elaine Kerr, CEO of DPD UK

Delivering shutters to hard-to-find properties

Purely Shutters is using what3words to find its customers’ homes.


“what3words works brilliantly to locate new build properties that do not appear on maps. We ask our customers to log a what3words location on our online survey, so our surveyors and fitters then know exactly how to find them.”

– Ralph Deens, Shutter Specialist, Purely Shutters

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