From creating moments of calm to finding pizza restaurants in India, people around the world are using what3words to find exact locations. Find out how some of our recent business partners are using what3words.

Find CALM & Netflix’s ‘Benches of Hope’

Inspired by Ricky Gervais’ hit show After Life, Netflix & mental health charity CALM have installed ‘Benches of Hope’ around the UK, and you can find them all using what3words.

Seamless delivery route planning

SmartRoutes is an Irish delivery route planning software company using what3words to pinpoint delivery locations.


‘SmartRoutes’ clients deliver to tens of thousands of people every day. what3words is giving them the ability to get super accurate delivery locations that never fail and helping to get the right package into the right hands at exactly the right location.’

– Brendan Tobin, Chief Marketing Officer, SmartRoutes

Helping potential buyers locate new build homes

Bellway uses what3words to pinpoint its new build houses that don’t show up on maps.


‘what3words addresses one of the key frustrations faced by many of our customers who often cannot easily find developments using postcodes. Whether finding a property in a dense urban area or in a rural location, what3words enhances customer experience.’

– Paul Lawler, Group Head of Communications, Bellway

DHL Parcel delivers parcels to precise locations

DHL is delivering to customers’ what3words addresses via its UK Parcel App.

Customers using the DHL Parcel App can now save a what3words delivery location to their app profile. This means that anytime a customer orders something online and the delivery is fulfilled by DHL, the parcel can be dropped off in that exact location saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

Using SMS to locate incidents in the field

Chronosoft is an incident management software company using what3words.


‘what3words provides Chronosoft a unique way to describe locations across complex sites. We have used these to great effect with our new what3words SMS links which directly feed into our mapping, saving valuable time for our customers no matter the situation.’

– Edward Swete Kelly, Co-Founder, Chronosoft

Pizza Hut helps pizza lovers find its restaurants

Pizza Hut India has added the what3words addresses to its store locator page for all its restaurants in India.


We are always looking for ways to delight Pizza Hut lovers. And we’re excited to be the first QSR brand to work with what3words using which customers can now conveniently locate any of our 622 stores across India! Even a simple addition like making it easy to find the exact entrance to our restaurants means people arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy their favourite pizza.

– Neha, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut India

Keeping dog walkers safe

HOWL is a global app that allows dog walkers to share their what3words location with a trusted contact if they feel unsafe.


‘Designed for use in the most stressful situation, HOWL notifies your emergency contact of your what3words location, so help is with you quicker. It also assists in the prosecution of offenders by providing the means to link them to a precise location.’

– Sara Burney, Director, HOWL

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