From precise deliveries to pinpointing trees in reforestation projects here are some of the latest ways businesses are using what3words.

Evri: Precise parcel deliveries to customers

Delivery company Evri is using what3words so delivery drivers know exactly where to drop off parcels.

“We’re really excited to team up with what3words. The innovation further enhances our contact-free deliveries option, offering both our clients and their customers efficient and safe deliveries.”

~ Chris Ashworth, CIO at Evri UK

VinFast: Navigation with just 3 words

Vietnamese electric vehicle company VinFast has integrated what3words into its entire EV lineup, allowing drivers to navigate to precise destinations.

“what3words is exactly the type of partner we strive to integrate with – cutting edge, innovative and providing an answer to a very real problem.”

~ Le Thi Thu Thuy, Global CEO of VinFast

Brittany Ferries: Locating port entrances

To make arriving at the right place easy, Brittany Ferries has added the what3words address for its 12 ports to its website.

“Adding what3words to our ferry port guides has made navigating quick, precise and easy. Now passengers know exactly where they need to go and arrive even more relaxed, ready to drive on board and start their holiday.”

~ Tony Butcher, Content Production Manager of Brittany Ferries

The Safety Letterbox Company: Pinpointing delivery locations worldwide

Using the WooCommerce plug-in, the Safety Letterbox Company has added what3words to its online shop so customers can specify the what3words address of their delivery location.

“Identifying exact locations on large and complex sites can be challenging. Using what3words provides ultimate efficiency, prevents unwanted mileage and traffic flow on sites and speeds up carrier time.”

~ Alison Orrells, Managing Director and CEO of The Safety Letterbox Company

Wonky: Delivering fruit & veg to exactly the right place

Using Shopify’s what3words integration, New Zealand based fruit & vegetable delivery company Wonky Box has added what3words to its checkout. Now customers can say exactly where they want their deliveries.

“Customers what3words addresses can be accessed easily by a delivery partner or fulfillment team for delivery perfection. what3words is amazing. It’s free and seamless to integrate into Shopify.”

~ Katie Jackson, Co-founder of Wonky

The Angry Teenagers: Locating reforestation projects

The Angry Teenagers are NFTs that aim to make a difference. It uses what3words as a key part of its reforestation mission. Each NFT corresponds to an actual piece of land in the project and is pinpointed using what3words.

“When you buy a Forest NFT, you know the exact square of land where your money is having an impact. This solves the massive transparency and trust problem that has stifled investment in reforestation.”

~ Ben Whately, Founder and CEO, The Angry Teenagers

Foto-Fertig.de: Addressing assets on construction sites

Construction workers use this app to take photos of job sites and upload them to the correct project directory, including the what3words address of each location.

“Your photos will automatically be stored in the correct project directory. The precise 3 word location can be selected too which makes it possible at any time to share the exact location with all project-participants.”

~ Marc Briesen, Founder, foto-fertig.de