From delivering baked goods to event planning, here are some of the latest ways businesses around the world are using what3words:

Lothian Domestics

This domestic appliances repair service uses what3words addresses from customers to help engineers find repair locations easily.

‘Our engineers used to get lost in remote locations. what3words now guides us flawlessly straight to the customer’s door. It’s turned one of our greatest challenges into a strength!’

~ William Nisbet, Managing Director

TF Event Company Inc.

These site operations and event planning experts use what3words to communicate locations on the ground.

‘Our festival site maps are a crucial component of our workflow. what3words has helped us improve our internal communication, as well as better the integration with local emergency services.’

~ Tim Furness, CEO & Founder


This beauty chain delivers products to customers’ front doors using what3words.

‘With what3words we can offer our customers an even better store-to-door experience, whilst also reducing the number of ‘where is my order?’ queries for our customer care team.’

~ Issy Hamilton, Global Digital Content Executive

Get Baked

This online bakery has added a what3words address field to its checkout using our dedicated Shopify plug-in to deliver goods faster and more efficiently.

‘Using what3words for the delivery of perishable goods is very beneficial for us. It minimises delivery issues and supports our goods reaching our customers fresh, and in the correct time frame.’

~ Kerrith Parkes, Operations Manager

Blue Dart

This logistics company, part of DHL’s eCommerce Solutions division in India, now accepts what3words from its customers and retail partners.

‘Not only will what3words help make last mile deliveries seamless, it will also increase delivery efficacy. We believe that as the use of what3words grows, it will provide a unique way for us to deliver to specific locations, particularly in areas with informal addresses.’

~ Ketan Kulkarni, Chief Commercial Officer


BusMap, one of Vietnam’s top public transit apps, has added what3words as a feature so users can find and share precise locations with just 3 words.