From helping to locate medical emergencies in the US to precise flower deliveries in India, here are some of the latest ways businesses are using what3words:

Finding picture-perfect locations

This Korean photo app is using what3words to recommend nearby photo locations to users. Jeju Tourism Board is also using the app to display the what3words addresses of tourist locations on Jeju Island.

‘what3words is a game changer! The what3words address listed on the snapot app directs you to the photo spot location! Thus, anyone can easily find it and take great pictures!’

Seongcheul Kim, Founder, Snapot

Snapot blog what3words callout image

Locating medical emergencies

Based in the US, GOES is an integrated outdoor medical platform that allows users to display and share a what3words address in the event of a medical emergency.

‘what3words enables our users to share their location with our wilderness medicine physicians during medical emergencies to help better understand our users’ geographical health risks wherever they are.’

~ Camilo Barcenas, CEO and Co-Founder, GOES Health

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Flowers delivered to precise addresses

Customers across India can add a what3words address to their ‘New Address’ and ‘Saved Addresses’ information to get flowers delivered to exactly the right place.

‘what3words improves our delivery services by helping us to find exactly the right delivery location even when addresses can be inaccurate or incomplete.’

~ Anuja Joshi, CEO and Founder, Interflora India

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Finding drivers on any roadside

This Austrian breakdown provider is using what3words to locate drivers in need of assistance to get them back on the road faster.

‘With what3words, we can offer our members an even better service. Our technicians arrive precisely on site and the members can continue their journey quickly.’

~ Günther Schweizer, Managing Director, ARBÖ Vienna

ARBO building, what3words blog callout image

Helping attendees find the right entrance

The iconic London docklands venue has added what3words addresses for key points around the building to its website’s location section, what’s on pages and operations manual so it’s easy for visitors to find the right entrance.

‘As a busy, multi-entrance venue, what3words is a reliable and precise way to help visitors get to where they need to be. By featuring our what3words addresses, clients and deliveries get to the right entrances and loading bays for their particular events.’

~ Alice Botham, Senior Events Operations Manager, Tobacco Dock

Tobacco Dock aerial view of what3words callout image

Pinpointing tours with just 3 words

This Singaporean tour guide company shares the what3words address of tour meeting places so travellers know exactly where to arrive.

‘A key frustration for our travellers is to find the correct meeting place. what3words resolves this issue, enhancing the tour experience right from the start.’

~ Yock Song Law, Head of Partnerships, Tribe Tours

Tribe Tours building, what3words callout image

Smoother journeys from A to B

This executive chauffeur company is locating customers’ pick-up and drop-off locations using what3words.

‘Customers can be dropped-off or collected at exactly the right place, meaning a smoother journey for them and increased efficiency for our chauffeurs too – Brilliant!’

~ Executive Cars Derby Ltd

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