We could all do with something special right now. That's why we've selected 14 what3words gifts you can personalise to warm the hearts of friends and family. We work with independent makers and creatives who are passionate about their work and can add the what3words address of your choice to their hand-crafted gifts.

We are delighted that makers around the world have been adding what3words addresses to their products – from personalised prints to gingerbread hearts. We never imagined people would be creating so many things with what3words.

Check out our latest favourites in the gallery and click the links below to buy directly from the makers.

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Yve Print Co foil map print with what3words address
1. Yve Print Co foil print, £35
Yve Print Co risograph map print with what3words address
2. Yve Print Co risograph print, £35
The Workshop Aberfeldy - oak, acrylic and stainless steel signs
3. The Workshop Aberfeldy signs, from £9
4. No Ordinary Gift glass bauble, £25
No Ordinary Gift hanging what3words sign for Christmas
5. No Ordinary Gift hanging what3words sign, £12
Maid of GIngerbread heart with what3words address
6. Maid of Gingerbread heart, £27
Jace Design eco-coffee cup with what3words address
7. Jace Design travel coffee cup, from £27
Jace Design water bottle with map and what3words address
8. Jace Design water bottle, from £30
Villager Jim memory tag with what3words address
9. Villager Jim memory tag, £15
Cocoapod chocolate block message with what3words address
10. Cocoapod chocolate block message, £25
Pinwheel Production signs with what3words address
11. Pinwheel Production signs, from £16
Solesmith socks with what3words address
12. Solesmith socks, from £14
Flamingo what3words doormat
13. Flamingo what3words doormat, £45
Laura Danby wooden letters for what3words address
14. Laura Danby letters, from £15 each
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1. what3words foil map print by Yve Print Co
Personalise your print, £35

This Bristol-based print collective combines traditional printmaking techniques with new technology. Enter a what3words address and choose from a number of finishing options. Available in 14 papers with gold, silver or copper foil.

2. what3words risograph print by Yve print Co
Personalise your print, £35

Another great what3words map print from the Bristol-based print collective. Bright, powdery and beautifully imperfect, risograph prints are always striking.

3. what3words signs by Workshop Aberfeldy
Personalise your sign, from £9

This social enterprise nestled in the Scottish Highlands can now also make you a what3words sign. Available in stainless steel, acrylic or oak.

4. Christmas bauble by No Ordinary gift
Personalise your bauble, £25

Recreate your (or a loved one’s) front door and its miniature what3words address in this beautiful handmade glass bauble by Oxfordshire-based No Ordinary Gift.

5. Hanging Christmas sign by No Ordinary gift
Personalise your sign, from £9

Our what3words signs are the inspiration behind this mini Christmas tree sign.

6. Gingerbread heart by Maid of Gingerbread
Personalise your heart, £27

Emily can make any gingerbread treat in her Hackney studio. From tiny to life-size houses, to fortune cookies and downloadable DIY kits. These giant hearts with a what3words address will go down a treat at any time of the year.

7. Vector map engraved coffee cup by Jace Design
Personalise your cup, £27

San Francisco-based Jace Design laser-engraves vector map graphics of your favourite locations.


8. Vector map engraved water bottle by Jace Design
Personalise your bottle, £30
San Francisco-based Jace Design laser-engraves vector map graphics of favourite locations on black and stainless steel cups.

9. Memory tag by Villager Jim
Personalise your memory tag, £15

Peak District legend Villager Jim engraves any what3words address on this keyring memory tag.

10. A chocolate block message by Cocoapod
Personalise your chocolate, £25

Sisters Linda & Philippa can whip up a what3words address completely made out of chocolate that supports cocoa farmers and sustainable cocoa cultivation.

11. Signs by Pinwheel Production
Personalise your signs, from £16

Theatre carpenters and technical designers Amy and Dylan from Connecticut can make you these beautiful what3words signs.

12. Socks by Solesmith
Personalise your socks, from £14

These Derbyshire makers personalise what3words socks for you. Add a photo, choose a fun pattern or keep it simple in black and white.

13. Doormat by Flamingo
Personalise your doormat, £45

Add a what3words address to a doormat made from recycled materials. Enter THREE for 10% off your order at Flamingo in Bath, Somerset.

14. Handmade wooden letters by Laura Danby
Get your letters, from £15 each

Brighton-based designer Laura handmakes these colourful letters so you can display a big what3words address in your home.