About The Makers Project
personalised bracelet with a what 3 words address engraved on it
Why what3words

We are delighted that makers around the world have been adding what3words to their products. We never thought people would be creating as many things as they do with what3words. Our community loves it and we do too. Today, we enjoy building relationships with independent creatives to support small businesses, initiatives and charities, and find it incredibly rewarding to bring extra value to their products.

Get started

We work with independent creatives and local makers who can personalise unique products and ship these globally. If you already personalise products with live text, it is easy to add what3words to your product range – just make sure that addresses are placed in a positive context and honour the format ///word.word.word

Featured products
Fluffy dog wearing personalised dog tag

Pet Tags

Engraved classy nickel, brass tag or acrylic tag with a what3words address and a phone number.

Binoculars and personalised travel diary on top of a basket with a what 3 words address

Bookshell Bindery

Embossed travel journal with a memorable what3words address in gold foil.

personalised keyring with what 3 words address engraved on

No Ordinary Gift

Customised keyring in gold or silver with an engraved what3words address on one side and a personalised message on the other.

How makers are talking about their what3words products

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