The what3words app

Now you only need three words to quickly refer to any exact location – an apartment entrance, station exit, picnic spot or parking space. Join millions using the free what3words app.


Everywhere has a 3 word address

Every 3m x 3m square in the world has a 3 word address – from a spot on a beach in Tanzania to a park gate or building entrance in New York City.

Easily navigate to precise locations

what3words is instantly compatible with all navigation apps, so you can get directions to a 3 word address via Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze and more.

Easier and faster with voice

Simply say three words to search for and navigate to any precise destination with what3words Voice Input. It’s much faster than entering a street address and postcode – and we’ve made sure there’s practically no chance of making mistakes.

Help anyone find the right location

Share exact meetup locations with family, friends and colleagues in just three words.

More features

35+ languages

Easily navigate anywhere in the world using 3 word addresses in your native language.

Save your favourite spots

Save 3 word addresses so that you can easily revisit places of interest.

Always accurate

what3words AutoSuggest offers intelligent suggestions to ensure you’ve entered the right 3 words.