How to use the what3words app

Master basic app actions , explore useful functions , give pro features a go, and discover new ways to use what3words with our step-by-step videos.

The basics

Everything you need to start using the app.

How to find a what3words address

How to share a what3words address

How to navigate to a what3words address

How to save a what3words address

Good to know

Useful app functions you can try right now!

How to find your what3words address in an emergency

How to use what3words without signal or data

How to find your current what3words address

Pro features

Here’s how to do more with what3words.

How to add the what3words widget on iPhone

How to create and share a list of locations

How to use what3words Compass

Ways to use what3words addresses

Make the most of accurate locations in your every day life.

How to get deliveries to a what3words address

How to use what3words to plan a meet-up

How to use what3words for hikes

How to use what3words in your car

Other FAQs