Find a what3words address

Enter a place name or street address into the search bar and choose the correct result.
Switch to satellite mode and zoom in until you see the grid. Tap on a square to see its what3words address.

View current what3words address

Tap the icon above satellite mode to view your current location. If your GPS accuracy is low, switch to satellite mode. Zoom in until you see the grid and tap the correct square.

Get directions to a what3words address

Enter the what3words address in the format word.word.word. Select the correct result, tap Navigate, then choose your preferred navigation app.

Share a what3words address

Find the what3words address you would like to share. Tap Share, then choose how you want to share it.

Save a what3words address

Find the what3words address and tap Save. Add a label if you like.

Add a what3words address to a photo

Open the menu and choose Photo. Take a photo or choose one from your library. A sticker will be added to your photo. You can change the what3words address, size, colour, and position of the sticker.

Voice search a what3words address

Tap on the speech bubble icon in the search bar. Say the three words, without the dots or slashes, and choose the correct result.

Scan a what3words address

Tap the scan icon in the search bar to open a scanning window. Frame the what3words address in the indicated area, keeping it still for a few seconds. Choose the correct address from the results.

View your saved locations

Tap the menu icon in the top corner of the screen, then select Saved locations. Choose the list you want to see, then tap the what3words address you need.

Share a list of locations

Tap the menu icon, then Saved Locations. Choose the list you’d like to share, then tap the three dots at the top. Select Share list and follow the instructions on screen.

Change language

Tap the menu icon. Go to Settings, then Languages and pick a language. Adding a new language may prompt a download. Restart the app to see the changes.

Add a secondary language

Tap the menu icon, select Settings, then Languages. Turn on Secondary 3 word address language and pick a language.

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