what3words-enabled Products

Explore the full range of products and integrations built by what3words and our partners. See if your favourite products are what3words-enabled!

  • what3words App

    Find, share, save or navigate to any exact location in over 40 languages with the free what3words app.

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  • DHL Parcel

    DHL UK can now deliver to customers’ what3words addresses via the DHLParcel app.

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  • Mercedes-Benz

    Mercedes-Benz drivers with the built-in MBUX infotainment system can now enter a 3 word address by text entry or voice, to get directions to any precise 3m x 3m location in the world.

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  • Mitsubishi Motors

    Mitsubishi Motors has integrated what3words into its 2020 Eclipse Cross, enabling drivers to enter three words to set any precise destination, even offline.

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  • Emergency services UK

    Many emergency services around the UK are now using what3words as part of their operations In these areas, callers can now give a 3 word address over the phone when they call 999 and help will be sent straight to that precise location.

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  • Ford AppLink

    Ford drivers can now use what3words to enter precise destinations by connecting the free what3words app to their vehicle via their SYNC 3 infotainment platform.

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  • Subaru

    Subaru of America drivers can input a what3words address directly into the car’s infotainment system to navigate to any destination.

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  • Hermes Parcels

    Hermes, one of the leading consumer delivery companies in the UK, has integrated what3words into its consumer facing app, so that customers can input their precise preferred delivery location with just three words.

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  • ArcGIS Locator

    Using this tool, ArcGIS platform users can display the 3 word address for any location or search for a 3 word address – either individually or via batch conversion to and from GPS coordinates.

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  • KakaoMap

    KakaoMap users can enter 3 word addresses into the search bar, discover a 3 word address by force-touch, and use KakaoMap navigation to get there.

  • Lamborghini

    Lamborghini has integrated what3words into the head unit of its cars so drivers can navigate to precise locations.

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  • BJS Home Delivery

    BJS Home Delivery provides two-man home delivery in the UK. Customers can now give a what3words address for their precise delivery location, enabling a more efficient service.

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  • Cabify

    Cabify is the leading ride-hailing platform in Spanish- and Portuguese -speaking markets. Riders can enter a 3 word address into the destination field to arrive at exactly the right place.

  • Hermes

    Hermes, one of the leading UK consumer delivery companies, has integrated what3words. Its retail partners can now share more precise location information for deliveries, resulting in a better experience for both drivers and customers.

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  • Tata Motors

    In a first for the Indian automotive industry, Tata drivers will soon be able to enter a 3 word address by voice or text input, and then navigate to that precise location.

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  • Addison Lee

    Customers of the UK’s leading private hire firm can use what3words to give precise pick-up and drop-off points for journeys and courier services.

  • Careem

    Ride-hailing app Careem has integrated what3words, enabling people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to specify precise pickup and drop-off points with what3words addresses.

  • DB eSchenker Platform

    DBSchenker online delivery management system has integrated what3words for more efficient, more reliable deliveries and improved customer service.

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  • Here Technologies

    HERE has built what3words into its in-car navigation offering so its OEM customers can easily add what3words to new and existing vehicles.

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  • Triumph

    Triumph is the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to feature what3words. Its riders can now find and navigate to any precise location in the world using just three words.

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  • what3words for Sheets

    The Google Sheets add-on enables users to convert what3words addresses to and from coordinates, change the language and use AutoSuggest.

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  • Loqate

    Loqate is the world’s most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses. Retailers using Loqate – big and small – will now be able to offer the option of a what3words checkout field.

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  • Navmii

    Navmii users can discover, save, share and navigate to a 3 word address directly within the app. This is useful for areas without a postcode, street address or where they are inaccurate.

  • Vinfast

    This OEM has integrated what3words into its embedded navigation system giving drivers precise destination input including by voice.

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  • Volta Trucks

    This EV manufacturer has integrated what3words into its vehicles so drivers can navigate to precise locations.

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  • AA

    The AA accepts what3words from UK breakdown customers, helping its teams to quickly identify the precise location help is needed.

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  • DPD

    Customers can now add a what3words address to the DPD consumer app to pinpoint an exact delivery location.

  • Easy Taxi

    This major ride-hailing app operates in 30 countries. Its users can enter destinations using 3 word addresses, saving time getting to accurate drop-off locations and minimising mistakes.

  • Jeeny

    Jeeny (formerly EasyTaxi) is a ride hailing app operating in the Middle East. Its users can enter destinations using a 3 word addresses, saving time finding drop-off locations and minimising mistakes.

  • Lotus

    Lotus, part of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, is bringing what3words in-car navigation to all its vehicles from 2022.

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