Coordinates to 3 words

Convert a layer of coordinates to 3 word addresses

3 words to coordinates

Create a layer from a table of 3 word addresses.

Search and drag

Enable search for 3 word addresses and plot 3 word addresses on a map.
what3words GIS extensions
ocean and barren islands

ArcGIS Locator

Add the what3words API to your ArcGIS product suite with our ArcGIS Locator. To get started, sign up for a what3words API key.

meandering road leading down to beach

QGIS Plugin

Search for 3 word addresses and convert coordinates to 3 word addresses using the QGIS plugin.

drone image of forest
Map Info website showing what3words integration

MapInfo Pro

Use what3words within MapInfo Pro.

Cadcorp SIS WebMap

what3words can be integrated with Cadcorp SIS WebMap.

Geocortex Essentials

what3words can be integrated as a geocoding service within Geocortex Essentials.

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