Start accepting what3words addresses from retailers for more efficient deliveries

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How it works


Retailers collect what3words addresses

Customers use a field at checkout to provide their what3words address, as well as their regular street address information.


Your software converts them to reliable coordinates

The what3words addresses are passed automatically to your delivery software and converted to coordinates.


Your drivers deliver to the precise 3 metre square

Your drivers navigate to the delivery location as normal, arriving at the precise entrance or drop-off point.

Used by leading logistics companies

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“what3words gives shoppers the convenience of being able to specify their exact delivery location at checkout and gives retailers even more confidence that their goods will be received on time, without complication.”

Peter Fuller
CEO, DHL eCommerce UK

“what3words is an incredibly smart solution. In addition to helping us deliver to new housing estates and remote cottages, there are significant gains from more effective fleet routing and reducing unnecessary mileage.”

Elaine Kerr

“By using what3words we will further enhance customer experience and enable a more frictionless delivery journey. It’s a perfect example of our commitment to applying innovative technological solutions to boost efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction.”

Alaa Saoudi
COO, Express at Aramex

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