Use what3words to help visitors find precise locations

Display a what3words address for free


Discover the what3words address for a location

Follow the instructions on this map to get the 3 words for the entrance to your business.


Add it where you display location information

Update your website, confirmation emails, and anywhere you list this location.

Image showing Alexandra Palace using what3words for entrances


Customers know exactly where to go

People enter the 3 words into the free what3words app or any enabled navigation device, then get directions to that precise location.

what3words is also built into many CRM and ticketing tools

Select your existing tool, then follow the instructions to get set up

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Case Studies

‘We use what3words for people to be able to find exactly what stall they want to go to. All of our attractions are identified via what3words and each of our gates. It’s an amazingly simple solution’

– Suzy Griffith, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

‘what3words has revolutionised the way we direct potential buyers to houses. It removes any risk of getting lost, and makes sure they arrive in a positive frame of mind rather than frustrated and late.’

– Ben Rivett, Savills

‘We’re always on the lookout for new technologies to help our guests have the perfect stay. By adding what3words’ innovative, simple and unique location identifiers to our website we are giving our guests a direct route to the check in desk.’

– Karen Plumb, Premier Inn

‘To deliver an event to the scale of the British Grand Prix, the planning has to be so detailed. We use what3words to locate infrastructure and to report any location for incidents.’

– Jacalyn Morgan, Silverstone

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