Locate incidents faster

When callers struggle to describe their location, what3words helps them say exactly where they are, saving precious time.

They can find their what3words address on the free app or through a FindMe link in an SMS sent by the operator.

Coordinate locations accurately

what3words addresses can be shared easily over text, radio or digitally. This minimises the room for error when incident locations are passed between teams on the ground and different agencies.

Responders can then use the what3words app on their mobile devices to find the exact location.

Simple integration

what3words can be built directly into CAD software, navigation tools and GIS systems, allowing teams to search for and input what3words addresses directly into existing systems.

How it works


A caller or emergency colleague reports the what3words location for an incident.


The recipient enters it into what3words’ online map, app or directly into the CAD software.


The responding team navigates to that exact location using the app.

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