What is what3words?

We divided the world into 3 metre
squares and gave each square a
unique combination of three words.
It’s the easiest way to find and share
exact locations.

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Used by millions

Millions of people around the world
use what3words to make life safer,
more efficient and less frustrating.

Helping businesses worldwide

Thousands of businesses use what3words to
improve efficiencies and customer experience
– from e-commerce and logistics companies to
travel, ride-hailing and navigation apps.

Future facing

We’re providing the location precision and
simplicity needed by drones, voice-controlled
devices and driverless cars.

Supporting life-saving services

Around the world, emergency services
and NGOs are using what3words to
find and help people in need.

Facts and figures
1000s of businesses use what3words to improve experiences and efficiencies
4.7 App Store rating
Apple App of the Day in 143 countries
what3words is used in 193 countries daily
50+ languages
42% faster last-mile deliveries

What are people saying

‘The app that can save your life’

'A fiendishly clever solution'

‘Move aside Google Maps, the future of navigation is just three words’

'One of the cleverest technologies I have seen'


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